Level 1

The goal of the Level 1, or mechanical restoration, is to produce a car or truck that can be driven and enjoyed but without the expense of a complete restoration. This makes sense when you have a solid chassis you like that has become unreliable due to frequent repairs.  Your input combined with a thorough assessment and the inclusion of common failures helps generate a work plan that will give you a reliable classic vehicle. Work is directed at failed or worn parts and those that have gone well beyond their expected service life. Where possible, updated/improved parts are utilized. Areas scrutinized include engine, transmission, drive line and differential, brakes, suspension, climate control, electrical, and body mechanical. Any rusted areas on the frame or body are repaired with metal and sealed against weather. This last step stops further deterioration until a complete restoration can be undertaken in the future if desired. Price range $5000-$15,000.00.

Level 2

Level 2 includes everything in Level 1, but adds body and interior restoration. This is a "Driver" restoration, primarily for daily or weekend use. Glass and trim are removed along with painted body panels (where applicable). Panels are straightened, dents removed, and any rusted areas are repaired with metal or the panel is replaced. Old accident damage or fatigued areas are repaired. Metal repairs are primed and seam sealed after repair and before final top coating. A high quality base/clear coat or single stage topcoat is applied, the body is reassembled with new seals as required and new or refurbished bright work. Undercarriages are thoroughly cleaned and finished in either body color or black, depending on model. Interior components (seats, carpet, headliner) are replaced or refurbished depending on condition. Price range $15,000-30,000.00.

Level 3

Level 3 adds a complete disassembly of the chassis and mechanical components. Unibody vehicles are taken down to a bare tub and sound deadening is removed from interior flooring to expose hidden rust.  Framed vehicles have the body and frame separated ("frame off") so that work can be done on these components individually. Rusted bodies or frames may be sandblasted before repairs to remove all traces of rust and old paint. Mechanical components are disassembled, cleaned, inspected, rebuilt, refinished, and reassembled as units before rejoining the chassis. Hardware is re-plated, small components are bead blasted and inspected before refinishing. Price range $40,000-$100,000.00.

Engine Rebuilding


Drive Line and Axles