Rolling Restorations specializes in high quality restorations for 70's-90's import vehicles. As opposed to earlier vehicles, cars and trucks produced in this time period have ample power, handling and brakes for highway use, are comfortable enough that you'll want to drive them, collectable enough that they're appreciating in value, and parts can usually be purchased anywhere instead of having to be manufactured. Additionally, by this time most manufacturers had improved the quality of rustproofing and structure to the point that your chassis or one we locate for you is perfectly capable of providing many more years of reliable service.  These are cars designed by men with slide rules who used real world experience to determine how strong a component needed to be, then added a little more metal for good measure.  Electronics were simple, materials weren't recycled, and fuel efficiency is usually comparable to new cars. Time has exposed any inherent weaknesses, permanent solutions are well documented, as are opportunities to upgrade or modernize with newer components. And they have dipsticks... 

First engine swap at 16

   It could have started with Hot Wheels cars, it could have been the Michelloti designed Triumph GT6 on the used car lot. It could have been born out of a natural curiosity for anything mechanical or out of the necessity of repairing them. Either way cars have been a common thread in proprietor Allen Patterson's life. After earning a degree in Management, careers  managing large staffs and big budgets followed, but you can always pick the gearhead out of the morning meeting by checking his fingernails.
  Vocation and avocation merged with a move to Korman Autoworks in the mid 90's. A respected name in the BMW performance industry, the business was changing as other competitors entered the retail parts market and the company's professional racing division wound down. Changing the core business to restorations and standardizing procedures was a start, adding new staff who put customer service first and setting high standards helped establish them in the industry. article
   Rolling Restorations was formed to take these concepts to the next level. Better quality. Better cost control. More than one marque. And the ability to bring any idea you have to fruition, and at a level you would expect if you had the time and expertise to do it with your own hands.

Some time is spent in the car rather than under it...
BMW Car Club of America On-Track Instructor and Instructor Mentor
Tire Rack Street Survival (Teen Driving Schools) Instructor
National Auto Sport Association  In-Car Instructor

Turn One In-Car Instructor